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Is Esthetic School A Right Fit For You?

Becoming a Medical Aesthetician or a Skin Care Therapist can be a lucrative and fulfilling career. The skill set that you need to become an aesthetician has changed over the last decade. A medical aestheticians skill set today is much more then pimple popping, facials, and waxing.

A qualified aesthetician in 2018 doesn’t simply provide basic treatments like facials and waxing but also provides more medical grade treatments like peels, microdermabrasion and a myriad of laser options.


What do I need to become a Medical Aesthetician?


One of the most important pre-requisites for Medical aesthetics, is a passion for aesthetics and skin care. A medical aesthetics student must be passionate, excited and willing to learn in order to be considered a good candidate to begin their education.

Another prerequisite is a grade 12 high school diploma, or a passing grade on an entrance test. 


How to Pick the Right School


A good medical esthetics diploma program should be broken into two parts; a strong theoretical portion and an immersive practical portion. As the spa and esthetics industry is continuously evolving, it is important to be trained at a school that is also constantly updating their programs while also giving you the best knowledge in terms of the current trends that will ensure your success in the industry.

Getting enrolled in an Esthetics course requires patience, perseverance, money and time investment. Different schools have different requirements, on average you are required to complete between 420 to up to 1000 hours of training. An excellent Esthetics school will give you the expertise, knowledge and practice you need to begin working right after you have completed your training. A comprehensive medical aesthetics diploma will make you an asset to any medical spa or plastic surgery clinic. It will also develop your customer service and sales skills which will give you an edge in the job market.


Where Can I work as a Medical Aesthetician?


Once you have completed your training to become a medical aesthetician, you will have a better understanding of what you prefer and of the direction you would like to take your career in. A good aesthetics school will provide a student with the skills, business acumen and motivation to open up their own spa. However, if you decide to go the traditional route, here a few options available to you:


-Spas, resorts, destination spa’s, resorts and hotel spas.

-Medical clinics, like Chellsey Medi Spa Clinic.

-Working alongside a physician.

– Working alongside a nurse

-Working alongside a Dermatologist.

-Be a sales person for a professional skin care line.

-Eyelash and eyebrow bars.

-Retail cosmetics kiosks.

-Plastic surgery clinics.


What are the Best Parts of Working as a Medical aesthetician?


Medical aesthetics is personally nurturing field of work. Here are some benefits of a medical aesthetics career, as reported by aesthetician’s currently working in the industry:

1.     Flexible Schedules

 Unlike many nine to five careers, spa and retreatment work offers professionals much more flexibility. This means more time to spend with your family and pursue other interests.


2. It’s a fun and relaxing environment


Of course, you need to remain professional, but being an esthetician can be a relaxed job. You will be able to create the soothing and relaxed mood you want in your work space since that is the vibe you want to pass on to your clients. So, you can keep the ambiance of your work space calm and serene for the clients as well as yourself.

   3. Great learning and managerial opportunities

After getting your diploma and a fair share of experience you can put your experience and skills to use by running a spa.


Medical Aestheticians Today


Esthetics has evolved from facials, waxing and manicures, to now focusing on medical grade advanced skin and personal care. It’s an area of the beauty industry that is focused on solving skin problems and helping men and women keep their youthful appearance. The industry has grown exponentially for the past 10 years, along with its counterparts in the cosmetics industry.

Medical esthetics has a huge scope of advancement and learning. If you are a people person who enjoys nurturing and making people feel good about themselves, then this is the job for you. Due to the growth in the industry being a medical aesthetician today is an opportunity of a life time.

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