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Milton is located approximately 30 minutes from Chellsey Institute of Beauty and Health Inc. located in Mississauga, Ontario. Milton has developed increasingly over the last few years as far as population and business growth and would be a perfect choice to bring in Aesthetic services to the area.

With this in mind Chellsey Institute would be a perfect choice to train for the Beauty industry and earn a Diploma or Certificate in one of our many programs.

Develop training in:

  • Advanced Aesthetics (Diploma)
  • Skin Care Therapist (Diploma)
  • Waxing (Certificate)
  • Manicure (Certificate)
  • Pedicure (Certificate)
  • Make-Up Art (Certificate)
  • Body Massage (Certificate)
  • Spa Therapy (Certificate)
  • Laser Hair Removal (Certificate)
  • Photo Rejuvenation (Certificate)

Classes are offered various times throughout the year and offered morning, afternoon and evening.

The school offers flexible payment plans while attending courses and can help guide in applying for various Assistance programs if needed.
We invite you to come in and take a tour of the school and let our Admissions Advisor guide you in the right direction. With over a decade of success, we stand behind our education!

CALL US TODAY, AND TAKE FIRST STEP TOWARD YOUR FUTURE! Chellsey Institute of Beauty and Health Inc.

1900 Dundas St. East Unit 203
Mississauga, ON
L4X 2Z4
(905) 277-5706

Mississauga : 905-232-0883
Burlington : 905-637-9393

Mississauga Campus
Burlington Campus